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Lmczar, Educational Compliance Services( LECS) and its personnel have proven experience working, collaborating, and developing key areas of organizations. In their professional background, we have worked in several areas of compliance with organizations, giving us the knowledge and experience about compliance, quality, and standardization of processes, regulatory affairs, operational procedures, documentation, and other key areas. We also are experienced working for Occupational and Vocational Schools. The Professional experience with  postsecondary schools is far from more than ten years of expertise compliance and regulatory skills and experience. 

Most of our experience in accredited  Institutions has been with the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), however, we are  diversified to comply with all other accrediting bodies and their requirements.

Laurie Czarzasty is the founder of LmCzar, LLC Placement Verification Services (LECS). Laurie is a former school owner and proud recipient of the School of Excellence Award. LECS clients benefit from Laurie's extensive experience in placement verification and other areas of compliance services. LECS understands the importance of publishing accurate gainful employment data and Laurie launched the company with an extreme focus on the following:

  1. To provide the highest quality of placement auditing

  2. Taking pride in the integrity and honorable services we provide to our occupational schools and colleges.


Upon partnering with LECS, your organization will gain an invaluable extension to your team that will navigate the complexities associated with establishing and maintaining compliance so you can focus on internal operations and overall improvements to the school. 

Thank you,

Laurie A. Czarzasty
President/ Chief Executive Officer

Certifications, Certificates and /or memberships:

* School Administrative Software

 * HERA (Higher Education Rights Act)

* Regulatory Rules and Regulations Workshop

* Improving Student Retention

 * Ethics in Education

* Student Privacy Concerns

* Ferpa

* Orienting New Faculty

* Evaluation and Assessment

* Federal Student Aid,

Fundamentals of Title IV Administration

* Managing Multiple Priorities