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Placement Verification

Experience in the field of Placement Verification, along with many other areas of expertise.

Our Methodology
  1. Verify  Through Third Party Employment Placement Verification Services, Records of  Graduates/ Employers, upon Receipt of records submitted by the Institution ( Recipient ) Contractor will;

  2. Analysis of the employment categories assigned by the school to the graduated student and verifying if they are aligned to the educational objectives of the program completed. The verification will determine if the graduated students are employed in the field, related field, or unrelated field, unemployed, unable to contact, placement verified, miscategorized placement, unable to verify, under review, and incorrect placement.. Updates will be made and documentation availability after proper verification.

  3. Contact the graduate students and employers, by means of telephone, email correspondence, fax, mail, and in certain circumstances, will conduct social media searches to make contact and correspondence.

  4. Submission of documentation to employers or Human Resources Departments to verify the employment of the graduated students. The completed documentation will serve as a signed attestation about the status of the graduated students and if they are in a job related or not job related field.

  5. Documentation signed by graduated students in those cases that they are unable to get information from the employer.

  6. Verbal attestation from graduated students and employers, in those cases that there is not submission of written documentation by any of them.

  7. Audit report that will include verification results and the methodology used to obtain the data. It will include a signed certification of the accuracy of the reports. The Report will include Graduates name, Employers name, and placement verification status, (as mentioned above). LECS, will maintain records of all communications with the employers and/ or graduates, including, if applicable, recordings, (if given permission from the correspondent) copies of emails, fax, and mailings.

  8. LmCzar, Educational Compliance Services will exhaust all means to obtain this graduate and employer placement information, unless otherwise noted by the Institution and until no further contact can be made. We will NOT Exhaust this agreement on attempts to validate and verify, on behalf of the Institution until;

    • Contact has been exhausted

    • Graduate and/ or Employer contact was made and Graduate and/ or Employer refuse to provide information.

    • Graduate and/ or Employer request all calls to be ceased and stopped immediately.