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The Mission of LmCzar, Educational Compliance Services, is to provide your Institution with the most updated information about graduated students and all other areas of accreditation compliance services and consulting. The Accuracy of the Information to be Verified and Collected will be supported with the proper documentation, which will be provided to you. In our Mission as an Ethical Independent Third Party Placement Verification Servicer and Compliance Consultant, we explain the nature and extent of our Verification processes and other services provided to your Institution, including the methodology reporting to be used and submitted, documentation to be provided by the school, cost of services and what is included in all the services we will provide to your school.

Placement Verification

Graduate and Employer Documentation for Schools on a monthly basis or for Renewal of accreditation or program reviews, etc.


Applications for Initial and Renewal of Accreditation Consulting; responses to the accrediting or authorizing agencies; coordination and consulting of on-site visits-annual reporting; submission of applications and documentation for new programs and facilities.

Human Resources

Admissions; Job Postings; Career Services and Student File Packages, set-up , to meet all regulatory Requirements.

Quality & Compliance

Processing and Revisions of Controlled Documents; Audits to regulatory departments for Independent Third Party Placement Verifications for Renewal of Accreditation or on a monthly basis, to stay consistently in compliance, and any other areas of concerns; Preparation, organization, and compilation of documentation for internal and external audits.

Program Management

Establishment of new programs, policies, and procedures; proactive communication with team leaders, managers, executive directors, contractors, consultants, and accrediting and government representatives.

New School Consulting

New Occupational School Consulting, Setup, and all methodology for approvals.

Our Mission is to make your School meet all compliance areas with State, Federal and Accrediting agencies. To make your school the best in your state and the country. Our services are performed following the highest quality of standards that will contribute to your accreditation compliance and Success. We strive to make your school one of the best in an ethical and honorable manner as well as to meet all of your compliance objectives.